SQL Server 2008 Essential Training

with Simon Allardice
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SQL Server 2008 Essential Training
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In SQL Server 2008 Essential Training, Simon Allardice explores all the major features of SQL Server 2008 R2, beginning with core concepts: installing, planning, and building a first database. Explore how Transact-SQL is used to retrieve, update, and insert information, and gain insight into how to effectively administer databases. The course also covers features outside SQL Server's database engine, including technologies that have grown up around it: SQL Server Reporting Services and Integration Services. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
  • Using T-SQL (Transact-SQL)
  • Managing databases with SQL Server Management Studio
  • Understanding database normalization
  • Using SELECT statements
  • Building indexes
  • Monitoring database size and integrity
  • Backing up and restoring databases
  • Creating functions and stored procedures
  • Managing database permissions
  • Creating and formatting reports
  • Adding charts to reports
  • Creating and executing a simple SSIS package
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(upbeat music) - Hi, I'm Simon Allardice, and welcome to SQL Server 2008 Essential Training. In the next few hours, we'll cover the core features found in SQL Server 2008 R2, the latest version of Microsoft's flagship database management system. In this course, we'll begin by choosing the right edition of SQL Server from the many available options. We'll see how to install it properly and explore the different tools and applications for working with SQL Server.

We'll move on to designing and creating databases and tables and see how to use Transact-SQL, the language of SQL Server, to retrieve, insert, and manipulate data. We'll perform core database administration tasks, like working with indexing to improve performance, see how to secure your data, and how to work with Back Up and Restore. We'll even have an introduction to some of the more advanced features of this product. Things like SQL Server reporting services, and integration services.

If you've been working with SQL Server already, you may soon find that you've only scratched the surface of what it can really do. And if you're just beginning to use SQL Server, this is the perfect place to start. So welcome to SQL Server 2008, Essential Training.

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