Sheet Metal Design with SOLIDWORKS

with Gabriel Corbett
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Sheet Metal Design with SOLIDWORKS
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CAD software like SOLIDWORKS makes sheet metal design quick and cost effective. This course gets you up to speed with the sheet metal tools in SOLIDWORKS for designing parts and assemblies, and then takes you on a trip to the factory floor to see the final manufactured results. First, you'll learn to create base features, flanges, and bends that add strength and connections. Then find out how to flatten parts and add holes, cuts, and corners that are manufacturing ready, and use the Convert to Sheet Metal command to convert imported geometry into native sheet metal parts. Author Gabriel Corbett also shows you how to create assemblies from multiple parts, use the Pattern and Mirrors tools to effortlessly duplicate existing work, and then document and export your designs. Finally, take a tour of a sheet metal fabrication company and learn about the machinery and processes that occur during manufacturing.

Topics include:
  • Understanding sheet metal fundamentals
  • Creating base features
  • Creating flanges and tabs
  • Making hems and corner features
  • Unfolding and folding parts
  • Adding cuts across bends
  • Adding welded corners
  • Using the Forming tools
  • Importing geometry
  • Using the Convert to Sheet Metal command
  • Making sheet metal drawings
  • Exporting DWG and DXF files for laser cutting
  • Building an assembly
  • Creating parts in an assembly
  • Creating flat patterns
  • Using in-context design techniques
  • Exporting parts


- Hi, I'm Gabriel Corbett and welcome to Sheet Metal Design with SolidWorks. Sheet metal is a complex industry and understanding the basic processes and fundamentals is essential to designing parts that are easy and efficient to manufacture. SolidWorks has assembled a great set of tools for working with sheet metal, however, it's up to us as designers to use these tools to create parts that are designed well. In this course, I'll go over some of the background on sheet metal processes and the techniques to design manufacturing ready parts.

I'll start by showing you how to design basic sheet metal and cover all the common tools in the sheet metal package. From there, we'll expand our knowledge into more complex, multi-body sheet metal design techniques and assemblies. We'll also go over drawing and documentation techniques and cover the steps required to produce cut patterns and files to send out for fabrication. As a bonus, we'll also be touring a sheet metal fabrication company and learning about the machinery and processes that are required to build sheet metal parts. I'll cover what really goes on behind the scenes on how to design parts that are ready for manufacturing.

Now, let's get started with Sheet Metal Design with SolidWorks.

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