SOLIDWORKS Rendering with PhotoView 360

with Gabriel Corbett
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SOLIDWORKS Rendering with PhotoView 360
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How do you present a technical design in a way that everyone can understand? Try PhotoView 360, which makes it possible to create photorealistic renderings and animations with SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium editions. In this course, Gabriel Corbett shows you how to transform a SOLIDWORKS model into a fully rendered animation. Learn how to apply materials and textures (including transparency and reflectivity) to parts and assemblies, set up the environment with cameras and lights, and render a final realistic image. The last chapter shows how to animate your scene and output the final video to share with your coworkers or clients.

Topics include:
  • Prepping the model
  • Applying materials and textures
  • Working with glass
  • Positioning the camera
  • Adding lighting
  • Rendering from multiple angles
  • Outputting an image
  • Animating your scene
3D + Animation CAD


[Voiceover] Hi, I'm Gabriel Corbett and welcome to SolidWorks Rendering with PhotoView 360. PhotoView 360 is a rendering and animation plug-in available to the professional and premium versions of SolidWorks. In this course, we'll look at creating photo realistic renderings that you can use to showcase your designs. I'll start by going over the basics of a rendered scene and develop that scene into fully rendered images and animations. We'll be applying materials and textures to parts and assemblies, setting up scenes and backgrounds for our images and adding in lights to highlight key features and remove shadows.

We'll then go into more depth and learn about working with transparencies and reflections on glass and other materials, adding in cameras and view angles to best frame our shot and working through a motion study and preparing for an an animation. Finally, we'll review the file types and saving options plus look at some of the options for streaming video. We'll be covering all these techniques and tools plus plenty of others. Now, let's get started with SolidWorks Rendering with PhotoView 360.

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