How to Use a Magic Pen with a SMART Whiteboard

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Using the Magic Pen

The magic pen is not just a glitzy bell and whistle. I use it as an effective educational tool, to capture my students attention, and I use it often actually. There are three features of the magic pen that I'm want to walk you through. So, here I am with my pen in my hand, but I'm on the selector tool. And I'm want to go ahead and go to my pen tools in my tool panel. And, this is already selected, but I'm going to go down and select my magic pen. First of all, the magic pen acts as disappearing ink.

So if I write the word ink and I wait, it's set to two seconds and voila, it disappears. Now this can be actually effective if you want to write something on the board, but you don't want it to stay there and you don't want to take the time to erase it. So, for example, if I was teaching and I just put up a really quick hint. And that would make every pay attention 'because they will see. The kids will all go ooh, it disappeared. They'll see that it disappears. They'll see that they have to pay attention. So the first feature of the magic pen is the disappearing ink.

The second feature of the magic pen, I think I'd rather show you than tell you because it's got a lot of wow to it. The second feature is the following. If I was showing this page and there are two problems that my students can solve on this page, but I don't want them to solve both of them. I want them to only solve one. I'll take my magic pen, and I'll just draw an oval around that one problem. I do this often. It very much focused the student. There is no doubt that the students need to do that one particular problem. If I want to change the shape of the spotlight, I can grab at the middle and pull outward, and it'll enlarge the spotlight.

I can also grab. This is not as easy as it looks. I can also push toward the middle of the spotlight and it will shrink the spotlight or I can grab the edge of spotlight and I can move it to another location. So I can spotlight other things. When I am ready to close this spotlight, I just hit the x and I close the spotlight like so. So, the second feature of the magic pan is the ability is to instanteously spotlight something and focus the student's attention on that one thing. The third effect of the magic pen is as a Magnifier.

So I've got a student in the back of the room, and I've got something that I created in it. I just didn't create it large enough, and the kid says, I can't see, Mr. Blat. So I'll just say oh, no problem. I'll hit my magic pen, and I'll go ahead and draw a rectangle around that object. And the rectangle acts as a very quick, very easy magnifier. Again, if I wanted to move that magnifier around I grab the edge of the box and I can move the magnifier around. And if I want to, enlarge or shrink it, enlarging is pulling from the center and shrinking is pushing toward the center.

When you're ready To get out of the Magnifier, you just click the X to close it. So I use the Magic Pen often to provide a cognitive disrupt, to grab my students' attention, whether it's as the Disappearing Ink, the Magnifier or the Spotlight. It's great. Try it out. Use it often. And they will think you are a SmartBoard wizard.

Using the Magic Pen
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Using the Magic Pen provides you with in-depth training on Education + Elearning. Taught by Steve Blatt as part of the SMART Board Essential Training

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