Ruby Essential Training

with Kevin Skoglund
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Ruby Essential Training
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In Ruby Essential Training, expert instructor Kevin Skoglund teaches the fundamentals of Ruby, the popular object-oriented open-source programming language. Kevin begins by walking through the basic data types, demonstrating Ruby's control structures (loops, iterators, conditionals, and code blocks) and showcasing the elegant syntax structure of the language. Kevin explains variable scope and shows how to use methods, arguments, and return values to write efficient code. After covering the fundamentals, Kevin focuses on Ruby's object-oriented features. He shows how to define classes and explores OOP concepts, including instances, attributes, access control, and inheritance. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Using Ruby in the Interactive Ruby Shell and in standalone scripts
  • Learning to write custom code blocks to find, merge, and sort
  • Using modules for namespacing or as mix-ins
  • Reading from and writing to files
  • Creating a full Ruby project from start to finish
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(playful music) - [Voiceover] Welcome to Ruby Essential Training. My name is Kevin Skoglund. I run a web development company called Nova Fabrica where we develop websites and web applications. In this course, we're going to learn to program using Ruby, the popular, object-oriented programming language. To begin with, we will examine the basic object types in Ruby, as well as the fundamentals of the language syntax. We will learn how object-oriented programming works, and I'll walk you through the steps to enable you to read and to write to files from your code.

Finally, we'll get practical, hands-on experience using Ruby by building a restaurant guide for managing your favorite restaurants. Now it doesn't matter if you're a beginner or if you have prior experience. We will cover all the fundamentals you need and many more advanced concepts as well, and if you're interested in website development, you will end with a solid foundation in Ruby that will make learning Ruby on Rails much easier. Let's get started learning how to program with Ruby.

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