Revit Structure 2013 Essential Training

with Brian Myers
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Revit Structure 2013 Essential Training
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Discover how to create detailed architectural models and documentation in Revit Structure. This course includes an introduction to the user interface; hands-on experience drawing and editing Revit elements; viewing and manipulating objects in 3D; and producing design documentation from a Revit model and imported CAD entities. Author Brian Myers provides detailed instructions for building the most common structural components, such as columns, walls, foundations, beams and bracings, and ramps and stairs, which you can recreate in your own architectural drawings.

Topics include:
  • Controlling your view of a model
  • Selecting, moving, copying, and splitting models
  • Creating levels and grids
  • Placing structural columns
  • Creating custom walls
  • Adding piers and pilasters to a foundation
  • Reinforcing areas with rebar
  • Adding beams, joists, and bracing
  • Creating and modifying floors
  • Using callout views for detail
  • Annotating drawings
  • Creating schedules and legends
  • Printing sheets
  • Importing CAD files
  • Linking to a Revit model


- Hi, I'm Brain Myers, welcome to Revit Structure 2013 Essential Training. In this course I'll provide you with a solid overview of the tools available in Rivet's Structure. We'll start off by exploring the basic modification commands which allow us to make quick design changes to structural elements. We'll take a comprehensive look at the creation of structural elements including the placement of columns in the coping of our beams. I'll then walk through the creation of plans including the automated process of section creation and detailing and enlarge callout views.

Finally, I'll finish up by putting drawings together as well as linking in outside CAD and Rivet files into a project. Whether you're experienced in using 3D design software or just starting out, as long as you have basic knowledge of structural design, you'll find the skills you need to design your structures here. Now let's get started with Revit Structure 2013 Essential Training.

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