Revit Architecture: The Family Editor

with Paul F. Aubin
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Revit Architecture: The Family Editor
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In this course, Paul F. Aubin creates standardized content such as furniture, doors, and many other architectural components using The Family Editor in Revit. The course starts with the basic concepts: family hierarchy, libraries, resources, reference planes, and constraints. The course also takes a deeper look at the smart data beyond the geometry, such as material and visibility parameters, as well as creating nested families and arrays, controlling rotation in work planes, and working with advanced formulas.

Topics include:
  • Understanding family concepts
  • Creating an annotation vs. a model family
  • Adding geometry
  • Working with reference planes and constraints
  • Creating extrusions, blends, and sweeps
  • Creating parametric relationships
  • Editing element visibility
  • Building complex families
  • Adding conditional formulas
  • Creating towers and arches


- [Voiceover] Hello and welcome. My name is Paul Aubin and I'm thrilled to be here teaching you the Revit Architecture Family Editor course on When it comes to building information modeling, content is key. Your projects will only be as good as the data and objects that you put in them. But you and I both know that certain items just require custom treatment. And The Family Editor is amazingly powerful, and it allows you to build just about anything you can imagine. In this course, I'll get you started on the right foot by going over the high-level big picture concepts first. Then we're gonna dive in and create some annotation and some Model Families.

We're gonna make those Families parametric by introducing flexible dimensions, materials, and visual characteristics. We'll explore several different kinds of parameters. Parameters to control length, angle, driving array quantities, and inputting useful product data that we can report in our project schedules. We'll even look at creating advanced formulas and conditional statements to reduce data-input, drive complex relationships, and prevent our Families from failing on bad input. So if you're ready to take your Revit projects to the next level, then the Family Editor awaits you.

Let's get started.

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