Revit Architecture 2013 Essential Training

with Paul F. Aubin
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Revit Architecture 2013 Essential Training
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Find out how to create compelling architectural designs using the modeling tools in Autodesk Revit software. In this course, author Paul F. Aubin demonstrates the entire building information modeling (BIM) workflow, from creating the design model to publishing a completed project. The course also covers navigating the Revit interface; modeling basic building features such as walls, doors, and windows; working with sketch-based components such as roofs and stairs; annotating designs with dimensions and callouts; and plotting and exporting your drawings.

Topics include:
  • Introducing building information modeling (BIM)
  • Adding levels, grids, and columns to set up a project
  • Creating building layouts with walls, doors, and windows
  • Modifying wall types and properties
  • Working with DWG files and CAD inserts
  • Adding rooms
  • Adding curtain grids, mullions, and panels
  • Using cutaway views
  • Generating schedules and tags
  • Adding callouts such as text and symbols
  • Understanding families
  • Outputting files, including DWF and PDF files


- [Voiceover] Hello, my name is Paul F. Aubin and welcome to Revit Architecture 2013 Essential Training. Over the last decade Revit has become the defacto, standard computer application for architects and building design professionals. We'll start with basics like walls, columns, doors and windows. We'll build floor slabs and roofs and learn how these forms interact with other elements like the surrounding walls, elevator shafts, and roof dormers. And what building would be complete without stairs, railings, plumbing, and lighting fixtures. And we'll even create our own custom pool table. But using Revit is not just about modeling.

I'll also show you how to annotate your drawings with text, dimensions, and other standard architectural symbols. Revit allows us to generate live schedules of just about any part of our building. We'll create construction details and compose sheets for printing out our document sets. Revit is a robust architectural design and documentation package and we have quite a bit of ground to cover. So, if you're ready to begin your journey into the world of Revit architectire, you've come to the right place. Let's get started.

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