Using Regular Expressions

with Kevin Skoglund
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Using Regular Expressions
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Learn how to find and manipulate text quickly and easily using regular expressions. Author Kevin Skoglund covers the basic syntax of regular expressions, shows how to create flexible matching patterns, and demonstrates how the regular expression engine parses text to find matches. The course also covers referring back to previous matches with backreferences and creating complex matching patterns with lookaround assertions, and explores the most common applications of regular expressions.

Topics include:
  • Creating flexible patterns using character sets
  • Achieving efficiency when using repetition
  • Understanding different types of search strategies
  • Writing logical and efficient alternations
  • Capturing groups and reusing them with backreferences
  • Developing complex patterns with lookaround assertions
  • Working with Unicode and multibyte characters
  • Matching email addresses, URLs, dates, HTML tags, and credit card numbers
  • Using search and replace to format a document
Regular Expressions


- Welcome to Using Regular Expressions. My name is Kevin Skoglund, in this course, we are going to learn how to use regular expressions to find and manipulate text. We will start by learning the symbols and basic syntax of regular expressions. We will use character sets and repetition expressions to create flexible matching patterns, and along the way we'll examine how the regular expression engine parses text, and how it utilizes greedy and lazy strategies as it find matches. We will learn how to capture text, and to refer back to it later by using back references, and we will discover how look around assertions can help us to create complex matching patterns.

And then, finally, in the last chapter, we will explore some of the most common and most useful regular expressions, by building them up step by step. Now it doesn't matter if you're a complete beginner, or if you have some prior experience. We're going to cover all the fundamentals you need to write your own regular expressions. So, let's get started learning about regular expressions.

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