Reason and Record for Live Performance

with G. W. Childs
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Reason and Record for Live Performance
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Reason and Record for Live Performance shows how to take Reason and Record from the studio to the stage. Author and audio expert G.W. Childs demonstrates how to use Reason's instruments as performance tools, and shows how to create a personal mix for each performer, from click tracks to pre-recorded backing tracks. He shows how to integrate Record with third-party software—such as Live, ProTools, Logic, and Cubase—using the ReWire feature. He also offers practical tips on selecting the right equipment for the space and organizing everything beforehand, so more time is spent on the performance and less is spent on the computer. Exercise files are included with this course.

Topics include:
  • Building a creative base for a live performance
  • Choosing and setting up equipment for a live performance
  • Tweaking the MIDI controller with Remote
  • Creating patches in the Combinator
  • Importing and editing loops
  • Integrating with ProTools, Cubase, and Ableton Live through ReWire
Audio + Music
Reason Record


(light, bright music) - Hi, I'm G.W. Childs, and welcome to Reason and Record for Live Performance. For years, Propellerhead's Reason virtual audio rack was a great way to turn your ideas into music. But with the release of the new Record app, the two of them form an amazing tool for the studio as well as the stage. I'll start by giving you tips for your live performances, tips for monitoring your band, even tips for your cables on stage. Tips I've picked up over the years. Then we'll jump into the interface, and I'll teach you how to use ReWire to work with many other pro audio apps from Logic Pro to Pro Tools and more.

I'll show you around the Reason and Record interfaces. For example, how adding the browser and its favorites list can save you tons of time. Then, I'll introduce both the Combinator and the NN-XT and how to use them both to build an absolutely killer final sound. I promise to show you plenty of tricks you can use to take your skills to the next level. So if you're ready, let's get going with Reason and Record for Live Performance.

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