Up and Running with Reason 6.5

with J Chris Griffin
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Up and Running with Reason 6.5
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Join author J Chris Griffin, as he demonstrates how to record music in Reason 6.5, the virtual music studio used by some of the world's most popular musicians and DJs. Get jump-started with the "Making Music Right Away" chapter, and then dig into the program and discover how to create beats with ReDrum, use loops in Dr. Rex, and record guitars and basses through the built-in Line6 devices. The course also shows how to work with the built-in synths; utilize the collections of samples, patches, and programs known as ReFills; and add effects on several types of tracks. Finally, Chris dives into the Reason sequencer, track types, editing audio and MIDI data, and setting the tempo and click track.

Topics include:
  • Installing Reason and authorizing your ignition key
  • Making music with Dr. Octo Rex
  • Expanding on vocals with Neptune
  • Creating custom beats with ReDrum
  • Using rack extensions
  • Creating guitar and bass sounds
  • Using synths such as Malström and Thor
  • Using the ID8, NN-19, and NN-XT samplers
  • Adding reverb to vocals
  • Using the sequencer and tracks
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm J Chris Griffin and I'd like to welcome you to Up and Running with Reason 6.5. In this course, I'll show you how to create music quickly, using song starters like Dr. OctoRex. I'll show you how to program custom tracks easily, using auto combinators synced to tempo. We'll dive deep into rack extensions, and I'll even show you where to download free trial versions, and point you to some of my favorite rack extensions and demonstrate how they might help your music.

Next, I'll show you how to use the included Line 6 devices to produce great guitar and bass tracks. And, I'll go through each and every synthesizer, playing patches and giving tips on how to choose one synthesizer over another. Then show you how to program synthesizer parts without a midi keyboard. I'll offer production tips and advice on how to set up very versatile effects chains. Lastly, I'll go through editing midi and audio for the final polish on a great production.

So if you are ready, it's time to get Up and Running with Reason 6.5.

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