Reason 4 Essential Training

with Bruce Williams
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Reason 4 Essential Training
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Reason is a loop-based music creation application with a focus on MIDI sequencing, sampling, and synthesis. What sets it apart from other audio software is its unique user interface, which emulates a virtual rack of audio hardware. It is highly technical and can present a daunting learning curve even for those with experience in other audio software, which makes recording engineer Bruce Williams the ideal guide. In Reason 4 Essential Training, Bruce explores every device in the rack, including the Transport panel, and the new devices like the ReGroove mixer, the Thor polyphonic synthesizer, and the RPG-8 arpeggiator. He also demonstrates production enhancements made possible by the revamped sequencer and automation interfaces. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Connecting a keyboard, MIDI device, or other piece of hardware
  • Working with drums, loops, synths, and samples
  • Composing, publishing, and exporting songs
  • Using the sequencer in Arrange and Edit modes
  • Understanding patches and ReFills
  • Adding effects
  • Using ReWire to synchronize Reason with other audio applications
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Welcome and mission statement

Hi and welcome to Reason version 4 Essential Training Guide. My name is Bruce Williams. I am a recording engineer based in Sydney, Australia. Propellerheads have done it again. They have introduced some great new toys into Reason version 4. We are going to have a look at an app that takes a rack full of gear like that and cramps it into a box like that. It's really cool. Now I should warn you, if you have not used any other audio software before this, Reason is not for the faint of heart.

So you might want to try something a little easier and then come back to Reason a little bit later on, but for those of you who are ready, let's do this.

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