Up and Running with R

with Barton Poulson
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Up and Running with R
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Join author Barton Poulson as he introduces the R statistical processing language, including how to install R on your computer, read data from SPSS and spreadsheets, and use packages for advanced R functions.

The course continues with examples on how to create charts and plots, check statistical assumptions and the reliability of your data, look for data outliers, and use other data analysis tools. Finally, learn how to get charts and tables out of R and share your results with presentations and web pages.

Topics include:
  • What is R?
  • Installing R
  • Creating bar character for categorical variables
  • Building histograms
  • Calculating frequencies and descriptives
  • Computing new variables
  • Creating scatterplots
  • Comparing means
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(light, bright tones) - Hi, I'm Bart Poulson, and I'd like to welcome you to Up and Running with R. R is an open source program and programming language that has become one of the most powerful choices available for statistical analysis. In this course, I'll teach you to use charts, such as histograms, bar charts, scatter plots, and box plots, to get the big picture of your data; descriptive statistics such as means, standard deviations, and correlations for a more precise depiction; inferential statistics like regression, t-tests, the analysis of variance, and the chi-square test to help you determine the reliability of your results.

Finally, I'll demonstrate how you can create beautiful charts for presentations and share your results with other people. If you're ready to get going, let's get started with Up and Running with R.

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