R Statistics Essential Training

with Barton Poulson
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R Statistics Essential Training
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R is the language of big data—a statistical programming language that helps describe, mine, and test relationships between large amounts of data. Author Barton Poulson shows how to use R to model statistical relationships using graphs, calculations, tests, and other analysis tools. Learn how to enter and modify data; create charts, scatter plots, and histograms; examine outliers; calculate correlations; and compute regressions, bivariate associations, and statistics for three or more variables. Challenge exercises with step-by-step solutions allow you to test your skills as you progress.

Topics include:
  • Installing R on your computer
  • Using the built-in datasets
  • Importing data
  • Creating bar and pie charts for categorical variables
  • Creating histograms and box plots for quantitative variables
  • Calculating frequencies and descriptives
  • Transforming variables
  • Coding missing data
  • Analyzing by subgroups
  • Creating charts for associations
  • Calculating correlations
  • Creating charts and statistics for three or more variables
  • Creating crosstabs for categorical variables
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Bart Poulson, and I'd like to welcome you to R Statistics Essential Training. In this course I'll teach you to use charts such as histograms, bar charts, scatter plots, and custom layered plots to get the big picture of your data, descriptive statistics, such as means, standard deviations, and correlations for a more precise depiction of your data, and inferential statistics, like regression, T-tests to help you determine the reliability of your results and how they can generalize to a broader population.

I'll also show you how to read data in a variety of formats, to explore and manipulate your data, and to create new variables and compute transformations. Finally, I'll demonstrate how you can create beautiful charts for publication and presentation, and share your results with others. If you're ready to get going let's get started with R Statistics Essential Training.

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