Quicken 2009 for Windows Essential Training

with Tom Negrino
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Quicken 2009 for Windows Essential Training
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Tom Negrino shares his strategies for gaining control of finances, balancing accounts, setting financial goals, and planning for the future in Quicken 2009 for Windows Essential Training. This course covers the features found in the Deluxe, Premier, and Home & Business versions of Quicken. Tom shows not only how to manage personal accounts, but also how to generate invoices and track expenses for small business owners and the self-employed. He demonstrates ways to streamline data entry, write and print checks, pay bills online, create reports and graphs, and set up loans and investments. Tax planning is also discussed in detail. Example files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Creating cash, checking, savings, and credit card accounts
  • Balancing accounts and dealing with small errors
  • Reviewing overall financial status with Quicken's Cash Flow tools
  • Transferring money between online accounts
  • Entering and tracking a mortgage or car loan
  • Handling customer invoices and payments
  • Generating tax reports


- Hi, I'm Tom Negrino and I'd like to welcome you to Quicken 2009 for Windows Essential Training. I've more than three dozen computer training books and seven of those about Quicken for both Windows and Mac. I've also been writing about personal finance software for different computer magazines since the early 90s. I'm excited about teaching you Quicken 2009, because I believe that getting your finances under control is one of the most important things you will ever do. I say that because Quicken literally changed my life. When I first started using Quicken more than 15 years ago, my financial life was a mess. I was living from paycheck to paycheck and I never seemed to know where money was going.

I realized I was tired of feeling like my finances were out of control, so bought a copy of Quicken. I started using it to figure out where I was going wrong with handling my money. Today, I always know my current fiscal situation. I'm not rich, but I don't stress about money any more and I'm following my plan for retirement. So to me, the main reason to get your finances organized with Quicken is to set you free of worry about money. Quicken makes managing your money easier and faster, so you have more time to do the things that you really want to be doing. And I can help you balance your checkbook too. There are several versions of Quicken available. In this training, we will be covering Quicken Deluxe through Quicken Home , Business.

With Quicken Deluxe you can manage checking, savings, credit card accounts and your investments. It's the right version for most people. If you have a home business or if you are self-employed, you want Quicken Home , Business, because it handles your personal accounts and adds the ability to do invoicing and track business related expenses. So what are we waiting for?

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