QuickBooks Pro 2010 Essential Training

with Bonnie Biafore
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QuickBooks Pro 2010 Essential Training
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In QuickBooks Pro 2010 Essential Training, author Bonnie Biafore shows how to most efficiently use this popular business accounting software to manage business finances. The course covers core QuickBooks features that business owners need to know, from recording typical bookkeeping transactions like bills and invoices, to reconciling accounts and managing company files. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Establishing a company file and Chart of Accounts
  • Creating purchase orders and paying bills
  • Invoicing customers
  • Tracking time, mileage, and other non-inventory items
  • Monitoring sales and inventory
  • Paying sales tax
  • Reconciling accounts and bank statements
  • Running and printing reports


(Music playing.) Hi! I'm Bonnie Biafore and I'd like to welcome you to QuickBooks 2010 Essential Training. In this course, I'll show you how to set up and use QuickBooks 2010, to keep the books for your small business. I'll show you how to create accounts to track the money you make and spend and you'll also learn how to create customer, vendor and item records, so you can track how you earn and spend your money and what you buy and sell.

I'll explain the difference between invoices, sales receipts, and statements. Then for the real fun, I'll walk you through receiving the payments that customer sends you and depositing the cash in your bank account. Whether you are new to QuickBooks, bookkeeping or both, I'll get you started with the basics. So, let's get started with QuickBooks 2010 Essential Training.

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Q: I have QuickBooks Pro 2011. Will this course work for me?
A: Yes. The changes in QuickBooks Pro 2011 are minor, and all the information in QuickBooks 2010 Essential Training applies to QuickBooks 2011.
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