Duplicating items

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Duplicating items

Duplicating items in QuarkXPress is quite common, because quite often you've got something you like and you want to make more of them. Quark has quite a few ways to duplicate items, so let's just have a look at what they are. If you're a visual kind of person, the easiest way to duplicate an item is to simply click on one and Option+drag it or Alt+drag it to another location. That gives you a duplicate and drops it in that location. If you hold down the Shift key while you're doing that, so Option+Shift or Alt+Shift, you're going to be able to drag it horizontally or vertically, which keeps it in alignment with the original item.

Notice I'm doing this with the Item tool. If you have one of the Content tools selected, you'll need to hold down the Command or Ctrl key while you're moving the item so that you'll be moving the item and not the content that's in it. Now another way to duplicate an item is the old standby, copy-and-paste. So you select an item, you go to the Edit menu and choose Copy, Command+C or Ctrl+C on Windows, and then you go back and you choose Paste, Command+V or Ctrl+V. That will put it right in the center of your window. Another way to do it is to select the item, and you may have noticed under the Edit menu, there is a Paste In Place.

So, if you copy or cut the item and then choose Paste In Place, it will paste it in exactly the same position on whatever page you're currently on. So as you see as I move this one over away from the original, we have two and the second one was right on top of the first one. Were this another page, so for example, if you were to copy this item, switch to another page and then paste in place, it would appear in the exact same position on that new page as it was on this one. Another way to duplicate an item is to select it with the Item tool and go to the Item menu and choose Duplicate.

This will make a copy of the item, by default, a quarter inch down away from the original. But the amount it moves it is based on the amount that you've, most recently, duplicated an item or done what I'm about to do, which is Item > Step and Repeat. Now Step and Repeat is really interesting, you can create any number of duplicates offset by any amount that you want. So, for example, we could do three of them at a quarter inch away and now I've three, a quarter inch away from each other. But let's just remove those for a minute and talk about Item > Super Step and Repeat.

It does everything Step and Repeat does, but it also allows you to change the angle of rotation of the item as it's being duplicated, the width of its frame, if it has one, the shade of its color if it's filled with a color, the size of the final item and even skew it. Here you control how you want those duplicates to be positioned in relation to the original. So let's look at this one real quick. Let's make ten copies an eighth of an inch apart. We'll rotate each one ten degrees.

At the end, we're going to have the final box with 10% shade of its original color and it will be half as big. When I click OK, you'll see exactly that. Now the artistic uses of this should be fairly apparent, but from a production standpoint, it's also useful, because, for example, you could take a color or a black box and tell it you would like to step and repeat it ten times at say 10% increments of shade, have it not scale, and in the end you'd wind up with a series of boxes that have 10%, 90%, 80%, 70% shades in them, which can be helpful for measuring your output.

I'm glad that Quark has all these different ways of duplicating items, because you'll find that in different situations, one way of doing it will be better than the other.

Duplicating items
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Duplicating items provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by Jay Nelson as part of the QuarkXPress 8 Essential Training

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