QuarkXPress 7 New Features

with Jay Nelson
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QuarkXPress 7 New Features
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QuarkXPress 7 is the most significant update ever to Quark's page layout application. In QuarkXPress 7 New Features, Jay Nelson, editor and publisher of Design Tools Monthly, expertly shows you how to take advantage of the program's new features to vastly improve your page layouts. Keeping designers in mind, Jay explains every interface change and uses real-world examples to demonstrate how to use each new feature. He covers everything from working with transparency, drop shadows, and OpenType fonts, to editing native Photoshop documents, applying picture effects, sharing content and layouts in real time, and enjoying truly automatic color management. Exercise files accompany the training videos, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace.

Topics include:
  • Interface changes Transparency and drop shadows Advanced support of OpenType fonts Picture Effects and editing Photoshop files Sharing content and layouts in real time Automatic color management Professional PDF output The power and simplicity of Quark Job Jackets


Hello. My name is Jay Nelson. I'm the editor and publisher of Design Tools Monthly. I'll be your guide for this QuarkXPress 7 New Features training video. In it we'll cover all of the features in QuarkXPress 7, including the interface enhancements, how to take advantage of the new transparency and drop shadow features, image editing and adding effects to pictures, improvements to typography, a much for interesting tables feature. We'll cover how QuarkXPress integrates with other applications and file formats such as Photoshop, Excel, PDF, and Flash.

We'll explore the new collaboration features such as shared content, composition zones and shared layouts. We'll explore using the new Quark Job Jackets. We'll look at the dramatic new output improvements and then I'll mention some other sources for getting information about QuarkXPress 7. So relax, and I hope you enjoy spending this time with me and QuarkXPress 7.

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