QuarkXPress 6 Essential Training

with David Reeser
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QuarkXPress 6 Essential Training
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QuarkXPress 6 Essential Training is a movie-based workshop developed for beginning QuarkXPress users. It is intended to help those interested in page design learn the basic tools and features of this powerful program. Using simple step-by-step exercises, you will learn the fundamentals of using the tools, setting up pages, working with text, working with graphics, outputting to PDF and much more. Get up to speed quickly with this time-tested professional page design program. Exercise files accompany the training, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace.

Topics include:
  • The tools
  • Setting up pages
  • Master pages
  • Working with text & graphics
  • Paragraph styles
  • Clipping paths
  • Creating a logo
  • Tables
  • Lists
  • Books
  • Libraries
  • Web documents
  • Output PDF
  • Printing

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