Manipulating objects

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Manipulating objects

Once you've drawn your own shapes, or inserted existing shapes into a publication, you may need to manipulate them. Maybe you want to rotate the object, or flip it horizontally, or vertically, resize it, move it around. So we're going to do all of that, continuing to use our FlyerAd publication, if you jumped to this lesson. We're on the second page. There is a shape that we borrowed from Microsoft Word. When we bring a shape over from another application, it's treated as a picture in Microsoft Publisher. Just behind that is a simple rectangle that we created by drawing our own shape.

When we select a shape, like our rectangle, you can see what happens. Drawing tools appears with the Format tab, and when we click the Format tab, we're able to make a number of different changes. One of the changes that we can make, without using the Ribbon at all, is to resize and move this. The handles that you see around the outside, when you hover over them, will turn your arrow or mouse pointer into a double arrow. It might be diagonal in a corner, it might be horizontal on the sides, or vertical at the top or bottom. So if you want to change all four sides, so the height and the width for example, you simply click and drag any of the corners.

To move this around, just move inside. You'll see the four-sided arrow. You can click and drag. But if you prefer to use the keyboard, you can nudge objects by using your cursor keys, your left, right, up and down keys will move it to the right, to the left, up, and down. So you can nudge it into position. Let's click the other shape now, the star, and use our arrow keys to move that around. Now let's say we wanted to rotate this. There are a few different options. Because this is now being treated as a picture, even though it is a shape, we can go to the Picture Tools Format tab.

You'll notice in the Arrange group over here, we do have an option for rotating. When we click this button, we're actually going to see some options. We can rotate it 90 degrees. You're going to see a live preview, as you hover over these. 90 degrees left. You can flip it vertically, or horizontally. When you click that, you're actually going to see the end result. Now if you wanted to rotate it freely, there was an option for that, but you'll also notice this handle at the top. When you move over that little green circle at the top, your mouse pointer turns into that Free Rotate icon, meaning you can now click, hold your mouse button down, and just spin it around until you get the angle you were looking for.

When you let go, you'll notice it's rotated. Deselect by clicking off the page to see the end result clearly. It looks pretty good. So those are some options for flipping, rotating, sizing, moving, remember you can nudge items just by using your cursor keys, all when you're working with any object in a publication here in Publisher 2010.

Manipulating objects
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Manipulating objects provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by David Rivers as part of the Publisher 2010 Essential Training

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