Inserting clip art

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Inserting clip art

If you don't have your own pictures to work with, in a publication here in Microsoft Publisher, you might want to check out the built-in clipart. Clipart can include illustrations. It could be photographs. You can even use clipart to insert audio and video in a Publisher publication. We're going to take a look at that now, continuing to work with our brochure, and we're on page 2. In the center panel, at the top, zoomed into 130%, we've been working with this olive tree graphic. We're just going to click once to select it. Press Delete on the keyboard to remove it.

Maybe there's something better out there than the image we've been working with. To check it out, we click the Insert tab on the Ribbon. In the Illustrations group, you'll see a Clip Art button. Click that, which opens up the Clip Art pane over on the right-hand side. You'll see a couple of fields, what you can search for, as well as file types. When you click the File Types dropdown, you can choose what you want to find, all media types, including illustrations, photographs, videos, and audio. In a publication like this, we typically don't need audio and video, so we can deselect those, and make sure when we search for something, we're only going to see the various illustrations and photographs.

So, click in the Search for field, and let's type in the word "olive." Press Enter or click the Go button, and you can see now we're getting a list of photos and illustrations. Now, if you're connected to the Internet, by default, you're going to include items that appear at If you don't want to see that, you can deselect it and click Go again, and it's going to be a much shorter list, in this case no results. So we're going to turn that back on, click Go to get back to those results, all of these come from, and as we scroll down, we might see something that better suits our publication.

Here are a couple of nice ones, an olive branch. We've also got olive oil bottle. Click once, and you'll be inserting it. Click the dropdown button that appears over on the right-hand side, and you get some options. Insert is the default, at the top, but you could just copy it. It won't appear in your publication until you go to the exact spot and paste it, Or you can make this available offline. That's a great option. So that way you keep a copy locally, and you can reuse this without being connected to, and then you can also edit the keywords.

So, in this case, when we typed "olive" it appeared; maybe you want to be able to type in the word "bottle" and see this as well. So you can edit the keywords. You can also preview and check out the properties of this particular image, and so there's the preview. You can see the keywords, which can be edited from here as well, and there is the properties. It's a Windows media file. We'll just click Close and click once to insert it, and it appears right in the center of our page. We'll close up the pane now by clicking the Close button in the top right-hand corner. The Clip Art pane is gone, and now we can focus on our image. And just like any other object, we can move it around, we can size it, we can change some of the factors, like the way text is wrapping around - this makes it hard to read.

So we can go to the Format tab, just like we did with other pictures. We can go to Text Wrap, and let's choose Top and Bottom. I kind of like that. And if you wanted a caption, et cetera, all of those things apply, even though this is something that we access through using clip art. So when you don't have your own images, keep in mind you have access to tons of images, thanks to the Clip Art option here in Publisher 2010.

Inserting clip art
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Inserting clip art provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by David Rivers as part of the Publisher 2010 Essential Training

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