Creating a new publication

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Creating a new publication

When you're ready to create a brand-new publication here in Microsoft Publisher 2010, it's a simple matter of going to Backstage view by clicking the File tab in the top left-hand corner of the Ribbon and selecting New. If you prefer to use keyboard shortcuts, it's still Ctrl+N, as in new, to arrive at this location. This location is a display of different templates and template groups, or categories. By default, you're going to be looking at installed and online templates.

That's what appears in the dropdown at the very top. If you are not connected to the Internet, you might want to change this to just display your installed templates. When you do that and select a category, for example, if we go down to Brochures, you're only going to see templates that are installed on your computer and are available to you here offline. If you are connected though, you'll get access to even more templates. Click the dropdown to display either Online Templates or both, Online and Install Templates; that's what I'm selecting.

Now looking at our Brochures, we now have another section here called Templates, where we do see some of them. And we can click More Templates to see, in this case, another 17 or so brochures to choose from. So we've got this wide range of templates to choose from, and this is just one category. If you want to back to another category, you can use the navigation bar at the top of the screen here to either go back, using the Back and Forward buttons, or click the Home button to go right back to where we started, and choose a different category.

You can see we've got some of the most popular ones grouped together here. Then down below, we also see more templates. So let's say we wanted to create a sign. We can go down to Signs. Again, because we have Installed and Online Templates selected here, we're going to see all of those templates at, as well as the ones that are installed on our computers. So as we see scroll down the list, you can see it's quite extensive. So let's say we're doing some renovations, whether it be the office or somewhere else, you might want to put up a wet paint sign.

There's one right there, perfect. We select it. No matter what you select, you're going to see information over here on the right-hand side. First of all, a thumbnail representation of what it's going to look like, and then down below you can choose to customize colors and the fonts that are going to be used. Now in this case you can see what I have got. Yours may be different. You may see the default color scheme, or you may see a different color scheme; it depends on what you did last. So if you want to change up the colors, for example, if we go down to cherry here and select it, you can see it looks totally different.

Click the dropdown and select a color scheme that suits your needs. Now down below that you'll be up to choose a font scheme if you want to change that up as well. Using the scrollbar, you'll see default, right at the very top, but we also see groups of fonts, or schemes, that can be applied if you want to change that. I kind of like this one, but you can go to different types of fonts if you want, and change that up. Now all you need to do is create that sign by clicking the Create button.

There you have it, your very first publication. Of course, we can make changes to this publication if we wanted to. You'd want to save it, maybe print it, but you have created your very first publication here in Publisher 2010.

Creating a new publication
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Creating a new publication provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by David Rivers as part of the Publisher 2010 Essential Training

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