Digital Audio Principles

with Dave Schroeder
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Digital Audio Principles
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Whether one is producing music, podcasts, game sounds, or film sound effects, Digital Audio Principles provides the tips and techniques that will make the project a success. Author Dave Schroeder explains the basics of digital audio production techniques and covers the essential hardware and software. He also discusses sound theory, frequency response, the range of human hearing, and dynamic range.

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Hi, I am Dave Schroeder, and this is Digital Audio Principles and Production Basics. In this training title, we will cover several basic concepts and also explain a lot of terminology. Now I should note that this title isn't software specific, and we will be using a few different applications to show you some of the different concepts. Our primary example software will be Pro Tools 7.0 version LE. However, most of the principles that we will cover, you will be able to take away and use in other audio software. These will be principles and basics. And because we are discussing digital audio principles and software in general terms, we are not going to include any example files in this tutorial.

You'll most likely want to take what you learn here and apply it to your own work, rather than spend it messing around with my audio files. So let's go ahead and get started with Digital Audio Principles and Production Basics.

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