Producing Music for Advertisements

with Brian Lee White
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Producing Music for Advertisements
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Help your client achieve the music that matches the vision for their brand. This real-world project course shows how to assess an assignment, break down a creative brief, and decipher client expectations to create a compelling musical score for advertisements. Producer Brian Lee White shows you how to shape a score around picture and create a memorable theme for the client's brand. You'll also learn how to address the revision cycle with a client, adopting smart strategies to deliver excellent work on time and on budget. When you're ready to deliver the music track, learn how to print the final assets for delivery. Finally, Brian helps you understand the importance of a scope of work agreement and various licensing and publishing rights you may be entitled to as a composer.

Note: While the composition of the music for this course takes place in Pro Tools, a majority of the content will be about the creative process and translates to almost any DAW.

Topics include:
  • Reviewing the creative brief
  • Working with temp music
  • Choosing an appropriate tempo
  • Marking keyframes
  • Creating a theme
  • Breaking down client feedback
  • Implementing revisions
  • Printing the music for delivery
  • Understanding basic music licensing and publishing principles
Audio + Music
Pro Tools


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Brian Lee White. In this course, we will work our way through the process of scoring music to a commercial ad spot from start to finish. Starting with the creative brief, I'll break down the client's material, temp music, (upbeat music) and setting up the session to work with picture. Next, I'll move on to the musical building blocks that make up a compelling commercial composition, including drums and bass, (drums and bass music) thematic elements, (inspiring music) and sound design.

(upbeat music) After that, we'll discuss the revision and delivery process to the client. I'll share with you many tips and strategies for working with clients, creating a solid scope of work, and discuss basic music licensing. So if you're ready, I'm ready. Let's get started.

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