Pro Tools 11 New Features

with David Franz
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Pro Tools 11 New Features
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Avid Pro Tools 11 has arrived. Join staff author David Franz, as he walks you through the most anticipated new features in this release. First, explore the performance enhancements that come with the new 64-bit audio engine and find out if your system is compatible with the upgrade. Then learn about offline bouncing, for faster than real-time bouncing. Plus, find out about the new key commands and other improvements that will make working with Pro Tools faster, fun, and more efficient.

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- [Voiceover] Hi, folks, I'm David Franz, and welcome to Pro Tools 11 New Features on Pro Tools has had some significant work done under the hood to improve its performance for this new version. It has a brand new 64-bit audio engine, as well as a new video engine. I'll cover many of the updates that involve both of these, as well as discuss the compatibility issues that go along with an update such as this. Then I'll cover the most exciting new feature, offline bouncing, which enables faster than realtime bouncing. Then I'll show you how to navigate the new workspace window, and discuss the new metering options.

Next, I'll go over the new key commands and other improvements that will make working with Pro Tools more fun and productive. Like muting all sens, bypassing all inserts, automating while recording, and using the new ClickTo plugin. Finally, I'll wrap it up with an overview of some of the new video features. So join me in exploring the new features of Pro Tools 11.

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