Pro Tools 11 Essential Training

with Skye Lewin
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Pro Tools 11 Essential Training
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Pro Tools is the industry-standard software for music and post-production. Get started from the ground up in this course with producer Skye Lewin, as he shows you how to record, edit, mix, and master audio and MIDI in Pro Tools. Skye teaches you how to create music with virtual instruments and plugins, work with audio and video files, and make both basic edits and more advanced ones with tools like Elastic Time and Pitch. Plus, learn to create a musical score, write and edit automation, and mix with effects loops and more. Finally, discover how to bounce down a final master and export and archive your session. Whether you're a producer, a sound engineer, or a hobbyist, this course can help you become proficient in Pro Tools 11.

Topics include:
  • Exploring the Pro Tools interface
  • Selecting inputs, outputs, and busses
  • Understanding signal paths and gain stages
  • Setting up Pro Tools hardware and software properly
  • Importing audio from multiple sources
  • Recording and editing audio and MIDI
  • Adjusting time, tempo, meter, key, and chord in arrangements
  • Adding automated delay
  • Mixing and mastering a session
  • Setting up an effects loop
  • Importing and displaying video
  • Adding music, Foley, ADR, and FX
  • Archiving a session
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Pro Tools


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Skye Lewin and welcome to Pro Tools 11 Essential Training. In this course we'll delve into the industry standard softward for music production and audio post production and we'll cover the basics of how to use Pro Tools for recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. I'll show you how to connect your Pro Tools Studio and then we'll explore all the facets of the Pro Tools interface. I'll show you how to record and edit both audio and MIDI in a Pro Tools session as well as how to work with virtual instruments and plugins. We'll look at working with video in Pro Tools as well as importing any kind of data into your Pro Tools session.

We'll also explore using Pro Tools playlists to comp between different takes. We'll examine automatic delay compensation for keeping tracks time aligned, elastic audio for time and pitch manipulation, and I'll cover how to create a professional musical score with the score editor. Finally, we'll use Pro Tools for mixing and mastering and I'll show you how to export your work and how to archive a Pro Tools session for backup in storage. The techniques covered in this course will show you how to use the tools, functions, and features in Pro Tools for any aspect of music and audio post production.

This course is applicable to all versions of Pro Tools, though if you're using an earlier version of Pro Tools you may want to check out the other Pro Tools courses here on Let's get started with Pro Tools 11 Essential Training.

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