Pro Tools 10 New Features

with David Franz
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Pro Tools 10 New Features
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In this course, producer, author, and musician David Franz highlights the new features in Pro Tools 10. The course covers the improved system capabilities and expanded support for multiple file formats, including AAX plug-ins, and introduces the audio engine. The course also looks at sharing with iTunes and SoundCloud, leveling volume quickly with Clip Gain, and the performance improvements producers and musicians can expect from this release.

Topics include:
  • What's new with importing and exporting files
  • Adding real-time fades overlapping cross-fades
  • Utilizing the Edit window indicators
  • Working with the improved AudioSuite plug-ins
  • Creating a reverse delay or reverb effect
  • Understanding the interface and nomenclature changes
  • Getting help with Pro Tools
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Pro Tools


- [Voiceover] Hi folks, I'm David Franz and welcome to Pro Tools 10 New Features on In this course I'm gonna show you many of the new features in Avid's Pro Tools 10 software. Starting with the enhanced system capabilities, including the massively increased track count as well as the newly added support for many more file types. I'll then discuss some changes to the Pro Tools nomenclature that have been made to increase interoperability with other Avid products as well as changes to the Pro Tools user interface. I'll then show you where to look for Pro Tools help as well as how to send your music directly to your iTunes catalog and SoundCloud account.

I'll talk about the new importing and exporting features as well as clips, clip based gain, and real time fades. Then I'll get into some of the mixing enhancements including the new plugins that come with Pro Tools and several new plugin features. Finally, I'll wrap it up with discussing the major disk performance enhancements that make Pro Tools 10 run faster than any previous version. So join me as we explore the New Features of Pro Tools 10.

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