Music Production Secrets: Larry Crane on Recording

with Larry Crane
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Music Production Secrets: Larry Crane on Recording
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Get a glimpse behind the studio curtain and see music recording secrets in action. Producer/engineer and Tape Op magazine founder/editor Larry Crane takes you inside of his Jackpot! Recording Studio in Portland, Oregon, and demonstrates the recording techniques he has used when working with musicians such as She & Him, The Decemberists, Elliott Smith, Jenny Lewis, The Go-Betweens, and Sleater-Kinney. This course is a rare opportunity to learn practical techniques from a celebrated audio engineer.

First, Larry introduces basic signal flow techniques that will improve any recorded sound. Then he explains some of his recording secrets, like how to capture acoustic guitars and vocals at the same time, how to choose the best microphone for a vocalist, and how to use stereo mics and room placement to create an ensemble sound on a single performer.

Topics include:
  • Understanding input signal path
  • Gain staging
  • Checking phase on a drum kit
  • Miking snare drums
  • Comparing vocal mics
  • Recording live acoustic guitar with vocals
  • Using distortion with bass guitar
  • Finding the best drum placement in rooms
  • Recording upright piano
  • Creating your own style
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- My name is Larry Crane. I'm the editor of Tape Op magazine, and also the founder. And I own and run, Jackpot recording studio, in Portland, Oregon. A lot of the techniques I'm gonna show you, are really, fairly simple, but sometimes counter-intuitive. And I want to open up those doors, that let you think and see the process in a different way. Recording the music, and getting great sounds at the beginning, is important. And that's the part where we capture what's happening. (melodic piano music) If you get great recordings from the beginning of a project, then the mixing process will be so much easier, and so much more rewarding.

(rimshot) I don't see these as, like, secrets in the recording studio, really. It's almost kind of a little play on words for me. Because, what I'm doing is techniques I've learned from other engineers. And when I've interviewed them they've told me about stuff. I watched other people work in the studio, and I've worked with great producers and engineers in the studio. So, for me, this stuff is like, just a whole bunch of little techniques, that when combined, can really help you. (lively drum solo) By taking all the parts of this recording course, and combining them, I'm gonna give you a solid understanding of some of the things that really work great in the recording studio.

And then you can take that and add to it, and really make it your own style. So join me in this course, as we explore some of my favorite recording techniques.

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