Mixing Techniques with Waves Plugins

with Dave Darlington
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Mixing Techniques with Waves Plugins
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Learn how Dave Darlington achieves his Grammy-winning sound with Waves plugins. First, Dave covers EQ techniques, from boosting to cutting, notch filtering, tone sculpting, and hardware emulation. Next, he discusses compression, including automatic levelers, multiband compression, side chaining, and hardware emulation. He moves into reverb, showing how to utilize the basic algorithms and parameters of different types of reverbs to create sonic ambience and a sense of space. Then, Dave covers delay and modulation effects, including multitap delays, flangers, and some tricks for adding bottom end, width, and crunch to the mix. Finally, he'll cover some the basics of mastering, including master buss compression, EQing the master buss, and maximizing the output level.

Topics include:
  • Tone shaping with the Renaissance EQ
  • Notch filtering with the Q-Series EQs
  • Controlling levels with the Renaissance Compressor
  • Side chaining
  • Utilizing algorithmic reverb in R-Verb and TrueVerb
  • Modulating delay with MondoMod
  • Adding crunch with amp simulation
  • Sweetening the mix
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Pro Tools Waves


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Dave Darlington. Welcome to Mixing Techniques with Waves Plugins. In this course I'll share with you my go-to techniques for tone shaping with the Renaissance EQ, Q Series and several of the awesome Hardware EQ emulations. (female vocals) Then I'll cover some of my approaches to compression and dynamics processing using the CLA Series emulations with the classic LA2A, LA3A, the 1176 and others and some advanced techniques like multiband and sidechain compression.

Next, I'll show you how to create sonic ambiance and a sense of space with a few of Waves' killer reverb plugins. (clarinet music) We'll also look at some time-based effects including H-Delay and Super-Tap and some really fun tools for creating modulation effects and movement in new tracks using MondoMod and MetalFlanger and MetaFilter. Then there's my desert island survival kit, plugins I use every day for sculpting character into a variety of tracks and fine-tuning the stereo imaging.

Finally, we'll finish up with some mastering techniques to help you bring new mixes up to world-class competitive standards. So let's dive in to some of my favorite Mixing Techniques using Waves Plugins.

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