Mixing a Modern Jazz Track

with Dave Darlington
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Mixing a Modern Jazz Track
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What makes a great modern jazz track? An award-winning producer like Dave Darlington helps. Here he demonstrates the mixing techniques he uses in his own studio to transform raw audio tracks into a polished master. In just seven movies, Dave shows you how to focus on instruments (like guitar, keyboards, and sax) instead of vocals in a jazz session; develop a clear drum sound; use bass to drive the bottom end; and master the final track, creating multiple versions for the artists, management, and the label in a single step.

This course features the song "Footprints" by Andy Galore. Find out more about Andy's music at andygalore.com.

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- Hi, I'm Dave Darlington. Welcome to Mixing a Modern Jazz Track. In this course, I'm going to take you through my entire mixing process starting with raw stand alone audio tracks, all the way through a final mastered mix. Before we listen to the music itself, I'll give you some tips on organizing your sessions, an integral part of creating a successful professional mix. Then I'll start by focusing on the drums, since this track has no vocals. Next, I'll show you how to drive the bottom end with a killer bass sound.

And then I'll bring in the guitar. This track has melody guitars, as well as rhythm and even power chords. Next, I'll layer in the keyboards, and other harmonic textures. And then, I'll lay in the lead sax, going back to double check the melody guitar and bass solo against the full track. Finally, I show you how to master a jazz track, and easily create master and un-mastered versions for the artist, management and label in a single step.

Plus a great trick for how I make quick revisions to any mix. I'll be working with the song Footprints by Andy Galore, and a big thanks goes out to Andy and the musicians, for sharing their creativity with us. So let's get started on Mixing a Modern Jazz Track.

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