Importing audio files

show more Importing audio files provides you with in-depth training on Audio + Music. Taught by Skye Lewin as part of the Music Editing for TV and Film in Pro Tools show less
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Importing audio files

Now that we have our picture file synced up with our Pro Tools timeline, the next thing we need to do is import our audio files. There are several ways you can do this. You can drag the audio file directly onto the Pro Tools icon; you can also drag the audio file into the Pro Tools timeline; or you can import the audio file from the menu or the Region list. The easiest way to do this is through the File menu in Pro Tools, the Import submenu, and Import > Audio, since we are going to be importing an audio file. You can also use the key command if you would like: Shift+Command+I or Shift+Ctrl+I. And we are going to locate, in the ELI_Session > Audio Files folder, we are going to locate the Example Music, and we can see four files.

So here we see the left and the right of two different songs, and the reason we have four files is because in Pro Tools a stereo file is going to be split into two separate left and right elements. So for now we are just going to import the first song, and you can see by the Bit Depth that it's already 24 bits and the Sample Rate is already 48 kHz, which is exactly the same as what we are using in our Pro Tools session. And Pro Tools will also tell you that this audio file can be added directly to the current session.

So when it says that, we know that we don't have to convert it; we can simply add it. In this case, it's already in our Audio Files folder, so that's what we are going to do. You can select Add by hitting Enter, and you can click Done or press Command+W or Ctrl+W to close this window. And we are going to put this in the Region List, so click OK. And let's close the Memory Locations, so that we can see the Region List, which is again Command+5 or Ctrl+5 on the numeric keypad. And then to bring this into our timeline, we can literally just click and drag the region into a track.

So now we have imported the first song that we are going to be editing. One last thing I wanted to point out is that if we were importing a song that was not already at 48 kHz, we might need to convert it to make it work with the session, so let's do that real quick. We won't actually import it, but we will just walk through the steps. So again, we are going to import through the File menu, but this time go to the Example Music folder outside of the ELI_ Session and choose the MP3 file. And here you can see the Bit Depth is 16 bits and the Sample Rate is 44.1 kHz.

And again, Pro Tools tells you that this file must be converted because it's not an audio file type that Pro Tools can use directly. So that also is at a different sample rate, and it needs to be split into two mono files to work in Pro Tools. So those reasons are going to require that we convert this audio file, rather than add it. So if we wanted to add this file, we would click Convert, or Command+C or Ctrl+C will do the same thing. Since we are not going to do it, we are just going to hit Escape and get out of this window and back into our session.

That's how easy it is to import your music into the Pro Tools session.

Importing audio files
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Importing audio files provides you with in-depth training on Audio + Music. Taught by Skye Lewin as part of the Music Editing for TV and Film in Pro Tools

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