Get In the Mix with Pro Tools

with Brian Lee White and Alex U. Case
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Get In the Mix with Pro Tools
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Learn advanced Pro Tools mixing techniques, in a different way. The groundbreaking Get in the Mix learning experience allows you to watch Brian Lee White and Alex Case perform audio adjustments inside Pro Tools, while they explain their reasoning in the built-in video window. You don't watch in a video player; you learn inside the DAW itself.

This course covers 26 techniques for improving your mixes with compressors, processors, EQ and filters, reverb, delay, and modulation. The first chapter covers compression and dynamics processing, including how to even out vocal performances and how to add punch to drum tracks. The second chapter goes into EQ and filtering techniques, such as creating complimentary EQ curves and EQ-ing FX returns. Next, the authors explore delay and modulation techniques, including using long delay on key lyrics and creating flanger and phaser effects. The last chapter explores reverb techniques including using gated reverb and supporting a track with regenerative reverb. .

Download the free exercise files and open them in Pro Tools to start training, or simply watch the videos here at

Topics include:
  • Using compression to even out vocals and add punch to drums
  • Maximizing mix loudness
  • De-essing a vocal track
  • Using EQ to fix problems and place elements
  • Automating EQ
  • Using long delay
  • Creating slapback echo
  • Creating a flange effect
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- [Voiceover] Hi, and welcome to Get in the Mix with Pro Tools. I'm Brian Lee White. In this course, Lynda author Alex Case and I will help you take deep dives into techniques for improving your mixes, using compressors and dynamics processors, EQ and filters, reverb, delay and modulation effects. Specifically, we'll demonstrate 26 techniques including, how to use compression to add punch and sustain to drums, how to utilize buss and parallel compression, how to create complimentary EQ curves between several instruments, how to effectively use long delays on key lyrics.

How to utilize modulation parameters such as rate, depth, and shape. (twinkling music) How to creatively use chorus, phaser, and flange effects. (guitar) And how to emphasize a track with gated reverb. (slow rock music) To explain the techniques, we'll be using innovative hands on learning exercises called Get in the Mix files, where we literally show you the techniques right inside your Pro Tools session file using the built in video window.

If you're not at your Pro Tools rig, then you can simply watch the video about the techniques in the player. So let's get started with Get in the Mix with Pro Tools.

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