Music Editing for TV and Film in Pro Tools

with Skye Lewin
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Music Editing for TV and Film in Pro Tools
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Let music editor and producer Skye Lewin show you a selection of audio editing techniques for cutting music to picture in this course on Pro Tools. He covers the basics of timecode, syncing a QuickTime movie with the Pro Tools timeline, alignment of music to picture, editing music, and editorial techniques that may require editing rights. The course also covers creating alternative edits, conforming edits, and exporting QuickTime movies for presentation.

Topics include:
  • Importing audio and video files
  • Creating and using sync points
  • Using snap editing commands
  • Customizing crossfades
  • Editing to acquire multiple sync points within the same cue
  • Creating a 30-second condensed edit
  • Exploring alternate edits and alternate songs
  • Mixing and bouncing down the edit
  • Compressing QuickTime movies
  • Conforming an edit if the length of a shot changes or if a scene has shifted
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Skye Lewin, and welcome to Music Editing for TV and Film in Pro Tools. In this course, we'll look at some tools and techniques for editing music to picture in Pro Tools. We'll start by examining some of the basics of time code, and then syncing picture with the Pro Tools time line. Next, we'll look at some navigation, viewing, editing techniques, and key commands that will help you edit more quickly so you can focus on being creative, rather than looking for the right tools. Then, we'll walk through creating several music edits, conforming, and creating quick times to present the edits.

Lastly, we'll talk about some special circumstances that may require obtaining additional edit rights. So whenever you're ready, let's get started with Music Editing for TV and Film in Pro Tools.

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