Audio for Film and Video with Pro Tools

with Scott Hirsch
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Audio for Film and Video with Pro Tools
Video duration: 0s 5h 9m Intermediate Updated Apr 04, 2012


In this course, professional audio engineer Scott Hirsch shows how to create an evocative sound mix for a film or video, built from basic audio collected during the shoot and transformed into a final mix using Pro Tools 9. This course shows how to set up and optimize a Pro Tools session template for projects with unique requirements, record Foley and ADR audio, layer sound effects, perform corrections such as noise reduction and pitch shifting, mix for stereo and 5.1 surround sound, and finally, how to format and deliver the finalized mix, whether destined for DVD, movie theater, broadcast, or the web.

Topics include:
  • Understanding video formats, codecs, and timecode rates
  • Importing OMFs and AAFs into Pro Tools
  • Spotting film and using markers
  • Using room tone
  • Creating fades to smooth out audio edits
  • Sweetening and hard effects
  • Recording ADR and editing with VocALign LE
  • Editing out plosives, crackles, and hums
  • Mixing with automation and reverb
  • Calibrating for 5.1 surround mixing and bass management
  • Mastering delivery levels and dynamics
  • Understanding the Audio Suite enhancements in Pro Tools 10
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Scott Hirsch, and this is Audio for Film and Video with Pro Tools. An evocative sound mix is what transforms a video with basic audio collected during the shoot into a deeply layered final product. In this course, I'll show you an overview of the audio for video production work flow, as well as how to set up and optimize a Pro Tool session template to efficiently work on projects with unique video requirements. I'll cover recording fully in ADR and how to layer sound effects combining all these elements for fully realized sound tracks. (motorcycle crashing) I'll demonstrate how to reduce the noise in your session, eliminating those annoying crackles and hums that kill any good video.

I'll explain how to mix both in stereo and 5.1 surround and properly deliver your final mixes for film, broadcast, DVD or the Internet. We'll also be exploring industry standard plugins like the Wave 360 bundle and Isotope RX to take our audio mixes to the next level. So if you're ready, let's get started with Audio for Film and Video with Pro Tools.

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