Pro Tools Projects: Time Manipulation with Elastic Audio

with Brian Lee White
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Pro Tools Projects: Time Manipulation with Elastic Audio
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Fully integrated elastic audio was introduced in Pro Tools version 7.4 and gave editors the time-saving advantage of being able to change an audio file's tempo or timing in real time without the need to render the audio. In Pro Tools Projects: Time Manipulation with Elastic Audio, author Brian Lee White shows how to adjust tempo, change pitch, and quantize audio tracks with elastic audio. This course covers auto-conforming audio loops and regions to a session’s tempo, enabling elastic audio on tracks, and using the five elastic audio plug-ins to extract as much fidelity as possible from the source material. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
  • Enabling elastic audio
  • Selecting an elastic audio plug-in
  • Analyzing regions with elastic audio
  • Manually adjusting timing with Warp Markers
  • Transposing pitch
  • Quantizing audio
  • Locking bass to kick drum
  • Warping vocals
  • Adjusting elastic audio settings
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- [Voiceover] Hi I'm Brian White. And welcome to Pro Tools, Time Manipulation with Alastic Audio. Elastic Audio is an amazing feature in Pro Tools that allows users to manipulate the timing of regions by stretching or shrinking slices of audio directly inside the edit window. Effectively slowing down, speeding up, or changing the rhythmic feel of an existing recording while preserving the original pitch. In this course I'll teach you the basics of Elastic Audio in Pro Tools. Showing you how to instantly conform audio loops to a sessions tempo ruler. I'll show you how to use warp markers to manipulate the timing of audio regions and find the perfect groove.

I'll explain how to dynamically change the tempo of existing audio recordings by tying them to the tempo ruler with tic based audio. Finally, I'll show you how to apply Elastic Audio work flows to vocal recordings. Helping you perfect the phrasing against the rhythm of the track. Elastic Audio can be implemented in very basic yet effective ways, or tweaked and tweezed to no end. Either way it is a must know technique will help take your recordings to the next level. So lets get started with Pro Tools, Time Manipulation with Elastic Audio.

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