Pro Tools 8 New Features

with David Franz
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Pro Tools 8 New Features
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Pro Tools 8 New Features helps music producers, sound engineers, and hobbyists unleash the creative possibilities at their fingertips. Musician, producer, and educator David Franz teaches the skills needed to master the new Pro Tools 8 interface, and reveals techniques for making the most of Digidesign’s new virtual instruments and effects. That’s just a small taste of the new features covered here—David explores all the latest improvements to the audio industry’s standard software. Exercise files accompany this course.

Topics include:
  • Exploring the new virtual instruments and effects
  • Learning the new menu and toolbar items
  • Editing MIDI data with the new MIDI Editor window
  • Creating a comp with the new playlist features
  • Using Elastic Pitch for pitch alteration
  • Working with the new automation and controller lanes
  • Customizing the Edit Window toolbar
  • Changing the look of Pro Tools with the Color palette
  • Utilizing the 30+ new session templates
  • Creating a musical score with the new Score Editor window
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Pro Tools


- Pro Tools is the industry standard for audio production and Pro Tools 8 just raised the bar. (upbeat music) I'm David Franz. I'm a music producer and songwriter, owner of Underground Sun Studio and author of the first Pro Tools book and this is Pro Tools 8 New Features. With this new incarnation of Pro Tools, Digidesign introduces a new, very functional and more modern looking interface. We'll explore the interface along with the new menu items, new preferences, and the new midi editor.

We'll look at the new track comping function, independent automation lanes and I'll get into the new score editor. Yes, Pro Tools has notation now. I'll show you new plugins for EQ, harmonic, delay and modulation effects and the new suite of virtual instruments that will help you start making music with Pro Tools 8 right out of the box. This version of Pro Tools is an amazing upgrade of an already powerful production resource. The new features are so deep, I can only give you a taste here of what we're gonna cover in this course, so if you're hungry for more, I'm here to feed the audio beast in you.

Let's get started with Pro Tools 8 New Features.

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