Pro Tools 7 LE Essential Training

with Joe Godfrey
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Pro Tools 7 LE Essential Training
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In Pro Tools 7 LE Essential Training, instructor Joe Godfrey shows how to use this powerful program to create, edit, and mix digital sound professionally. The training covers everything from recording and editing dialog to designing sound using plug-ins, from working with MIDI to creating sound for pictures, and from multi-track editing to mixing. Joe teaches all the tools needed to create professional audio results for all kinds of projects using Pro Tools 7 LE. Exercise files accompany this training.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the file structure
  • Editing a simple sound effect
  • Recording and editing an announcer
  • Using the grid
  • Creating bar- and beat-based markers
  • Placing lyrics on a timeline
  • Choosing and installing plug-ins
  • Tracking and overdubbing
  • Recording and modifying MIDI
  • Importing visuals into Pro Tools
  • Experimenting with automation
  • Mixing and saving mixing templates
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