The Power of PreViz at BMW Group DesignworksUSA

with Dane Howard and Richard Koci Hernandez
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The Power of PreViz at BMW Group DesignworksUSA
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PreViz, or previsualization, harnesses the power of visual preplanning in envisioning and designing products and workflows before prototyping begins. In industries as diverse as special effects, photography, and business modeling, leaders are using previsualization as a design-thinking tool to plan, build, and responsibly execute projects.

In this course, author and designer Dane Howard asks DesignworksUSA, a global design firm for the BMW Group, to share their insight and expertise in previsualizing successful design concepts. DesignworksUSA showcases previsualization in the context of automobile design and creation, including framing the creative conversation before the project starts, using previsualization to better manage development resources, and capturing the energy and essence of an automotive program.


Introduction to the PreViz project

(electronic music) - I'm Dane Howard, I've been a designer now, for about 17 years, and I got introduced to this idea of preVIZ just last year. And, it fascinated me, because I was asked to lead a group inside of eBay that did this full time. And the more we went down this path, the more I got curious about how other industries might do this. PreVIZ, all it does is just use design and visualization as a way to create an input, so that a company can make a decision about where they're going, or what they're gonna do.

And I love this idea, I love this notion, so... We decided to get on the road and do a bunch of interviews with a handful of people from the automotive industry, the product design industry, as well as film and video itself, and just to unpack some of their techniques, and the way that they use their techniques in such a way that allows them to decide what to do. And if you're a designer or an illustrator, I think you'll find this really valuable because, it allows you to frame the discussion much earlier in the design process and give it some structure, some formality and some insights from some of the best people that do this already really well.

And I know it was really valuable for me, and I hope you have fun going down and understanding some of these ways that you can use pre-visualization in your own work.

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