Getting Started with WordPerfect Office X4

with David Rivers
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Getting Started with WordPerfect Office X4
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Corel WordPerfect Office X4 has the potential to take on nearly every business challenge, and instructor David Rivers shows how to do just that in Getting Started with WordPerfect Office X4. He covers everything from interface basics to professional presentations, and along the way teaches how to format document elements, generate PDFs, make creative spreadsheets in Quattro Pro, and more. David also delves into some of the software's secret powers. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Exploring the interface Formatting documents and pages Formatting text and paragraphs Opening, editing, and publishing PDFs Creating spreadsheets in Quattro Pro Creating and playing slideshows Using Corel Visual Intelligence Creating and sharing notes with Lightning Configuring and launching online services Finding the five hidden WordPerfect gems


- [Voiceover] Hi and welcome to getting started with Corel WordPerfect Office X4, I'm David Rivers. You know I've been teaching people about the power and flexibility of WordPefect since the DOS days of version 4.2 and I have to tell you, this latest rendition is bigger and better than ever. In this title, we'll get you started with WordPerfect Office X4 as we explore some of the new and important features in each of the applications in the suite. We'll begin with the flagship product WordPerfect, that powerful yet easy to use word processor for creating dynamic documents that are easy to share with other computer users.

Then we hop over to Quattro Pro, a spreadsheet application that is highly compatible with that other application you may have heard of, Microsoft Excel. With Quattro Pro, you can organize, analyze, report, manage and share important data and financial information. Even open and save the newest file formats from Microsoft Excel. After Quattro Pro, we'll take a peak at Presentations, used for creating attention-getting slide shows and like Quattro Pro, it's extremely compatible with it's Microsoft counterpart, PowerPoint.

Then we move on to WordPerfect MAIL, a built-in e-mail application with outstanding spam protection and incredibly powerful search functionality that'll help you find information buried by years of inbox, contact, and even calendar clutter. Next is a brand-new feature in WordPerfect Office X4 called WordPerfect Lightning. You can think of it as a web-connected note taking or digital notebook ideal for bridging the gap between today's desktop and web-based productivity tools.

Another new feature we'll explore in this title is called Corel Visual Intelligence, an easy to use business intelligence tool to help you get meaning, insight and results out of complex data by converting your raw data into easy to read charts and graphs that you yourself can then break down and examine by category. Lastly, we'll reveal five of the top hidden gems many WorfPerfect users are not aware of. But they'll help you save time and effort when working with WordPerfect.

You could follow along with me or sit back and learn just by watching. So let's get started.

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