WordPerfect Office X3 Essential Training

with David Rivers
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WordPerfect Office X3 Essential Training
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WordPerfect Office X3 Essential Training with David Rivers is a video-based tutorial designed to help WordPerfect users gain a basic to intermediate understanding of this latest version of the program. David shows you how to use the powerful features in WordPerfect X3 to create a wide variety of documents - from simple letters to complex documents for publishing. The training begins with a basic overview of the WordPerfect X3 interface, then advances to cover such topics as formatting documents, printing, tables, graphics, columns, macros, templates, and much more. David also covers how to manage email, contacts, and schedules with the new WordPerfect Mail client, as well as how to create slideshows with Presentations and spreadsheets with Quattro Pro. Exercise files accompany the training, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace.


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