Video Journalism Shooting Techniques

with Jeff Sengstack
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Video Journalism Shooting Techniques
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Join video producer, instructor, and former TV news reporter/videographer Jeff Sengstack as he presents practical tips on shooting video with shots and angles that support the story and make it more visually interesting. This course explains how to craft the story and plan your production and includes several still photography techniques that work well with video. The course also shows how to achieve shots such as sequences, matched action, reveal, trucking, and point of view, and reminds videographers to keep considering what the video editor will need to keep the story moving forward.

Topics include:
  • Creating effective stories
  • Planning the shoot
  • Setting proper exposure, shutter speed, and focus
  • Adhering to the rule of thirds
  • Framing the shot
  • Achieving a good color balance
  • Keeping shots steady
  • Using smooth zooms and pans
  • Establishing opening and closing shots
  • Transitioning from exteriors to interiors
  • Editing cutaways
  • Using lights
  • Using trucking shots
  • Working with audio
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- Hi, I'm Jeff Sengstack. Welcome to Video Journalism Shooting Techniques. My goal is to help you tell stories, whether you are an amateur videographer, an aspiring documentary producer, or even a TV news photog, I designed this course to help you use video to tell better stories. I begin by explaining how to craft your story, and effectively plan your shoot with your story in mind. I go on to explain basic still photography techniques, like setting proper exposure, shutter speed, and focus.

Along the way, I give you advice on how to edit certain kinds of shots, including matched action, sequences and audio. - I try to sample the ganache. - [Jeff] At it's core, effective story telling is what journalism is all about. You wanna craft a story that will engage your audience, and shoot video that will support that story, and hold your viewer's attention. So, join me now, as I explain how to use video to tell stories.

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