Up and Running with DSLR Filmmaking

with Chad Perkins
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Up and Running with DSLR Filmmaking
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Join Chad Perkins, an author and videographer, as he introduces the essential concepts and techniques necessary for shooting video with a DSLR camera. Targeted at beginning videographers and anyone interested in shooting better video, this course covers cinematography basics, DSLR pitfalls, important gear, and postproduction workflow. Along the way, discover how to choose lenses, record audio, and make shots more professional.

This course was created and produced by Chad Perkins. We are honored to host this content in our library.

Topics include:
  • Understanding aperture, shutter speed, and ISO
  • Using lenses as a tool in storytelling
  • Establishing focus for video
  • Achieving a shallow depth of field
  • Using equipment like clapperboards and matte boxes
  • Editing and color correcting footage
  • Using cinematography techniques to get beautiful shots
  • Avoiding rolling shutter and moirĂ©
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Brian Liepe: Welcome to this training series, where we are going to get you all the info you need to shoot great video with a DSLR camera. Chad Perkins: My name is Chad Perkins and this here is Brian Liepe, the best cinematographer, and camera person, and lighting person that I have ever seen in my entire life. And we are extremely excited to show you the ins and outs of these amazing cameras. Brian Liepe: Several years ago, Chad and I were both shooting with these much more expensive cameras in order to get the same beautiful shots that these DSLR cameras can.

We needed a lot more light and a lot more gear. When DSLRs came out, it sparked a huge revolution in the world of video. That huge rig cost almost $10,000. This little camera gets more cinematic footage and less light with less weight and for $500. Brian Liepe: In this training we are going to start from scratch with the basics of cinematography and using different lenses. Chad Perkins: From there, we will share with you our experience in using these cameras on set and also in postproduction, including some of the problems that we've encountered and what can be done to resolve them.

Brian Liepe: This course is going to be a great education and tons of fun, so let's get started.

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