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Understanding the Project panel

Once assets are imported into a Premier Pro project, a lot of the organization you're going to be doing takes place within the project panel. Before we get to all the details, lets just look at how the panel works. I'm here in Premier Pro and I've completed my basic imports. I want to use the Tilde Key. To make the project panel take up the whole screen. Now I just want to take a tour around, and show you some of the different things that you can do here. We're familiar with a lot of these controls from the Media Browser.

It's very similar, but keep in mind that we're now working on media that's been imported as opposed to the Media Browser, which just looks at files, that are on the drive. Like with the media browser, we have list view and we have icons, because we are at the top level here, if I switch to icons, we are only going to see the folder icon which is not that interesting. If I double click I will actually get a bin window up and it mimics the project window but it is just one bin.

Remember we have preferences that will adjust what you get with a double click. In this case, if I want to see thumbnails of this video, I need to go into this window and now I can see the actual thumbnails. I am not a huge fan of thumbnails or these separate windows, so let me show you some different techniques a little later, that will let you see your footage also in list mode. As with the media browser, you can make the icons larger and smaller with this slider, but when you're in list mode, you're only really making these generic icons larger.

Again I'm going to show you some different techniques where you can see a real icon there. Or what I sometimes call a Poster Frame. On the bottom right, we've just got some shortcuts. And these are things you can find in the menus or with keyboard shortcuts. But we have our Search and we have our New Bin. a new item and our trash. But again, these are things you can find in many places, it's just convenient to have them sort of pegged down here right on the project window. Here are all our column heads and in a second I'm going to show you a lot of the power of these, in terms of sorting for different types of media based on the column heads.

You can also do a lot of customization up here, and we're going to look at all of that later. Here I've got search, and it is made more powerful because I can search everything in the project, what's actually visible in open bins, or I can search Text Transcripts. Video files or audio files that actually have transcripted text appended to them. So we can practice searching in a bit. I want to show you one more thing, which is the power up here in the project window.

For instance, here we are looking at what is called the preview area and If I select something, I can preview up here. Some people like that, but some people hate it. So right up here, I can do all of the things we can do with any panel in any Adobe program. I can do some project specific things, but what I really want to show you is that I can show or hide the preview area. That means, that if I want all of the space to look at list view, I don't have to be distracted by that top section.

On the other hand, if it's convenient for me to get a quick peek at what I'm looking at, that's what the preview area is all about. I have list versus icon. We're familiar with that already from the bottom left, but this is actualy one of my favorites. Which is to still be in list mode, but turn on thumbnails. Now you see we have those little tiny thumbnails but the slider still works also. Now we're still in list view with sortability and the ability to see all the metadata.

But we also have a visual cue that's big enough to see of our video. I find that when I'm just scanning visually, I don't really like thumbnail view, because I loose a lot of the information and organization that I like to see, but I do sometimes like these large, picture icons in list view, enabling me to take a quick look at what's available. I can also turn on and off hoverscrub. That's what we've seen previously where we just hover over a clip and scroll through it.

If that's distracting for you, just turn it off. There's a solid overview of the project panel. I wanted to spend some time here cause a lot of the things we're doing for the rest of this chapter are really digging deep into what's possible in terms of organizing in the project panel so it's good to have an overview of where everything is.

Understanding the Project panel
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Understanding the Project panel provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Jason Osder as part of the Premiere Pro Guru: Organizing Assets

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