Premiere Pro CS6 New Features

with Richard Harrington
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Premiere Pro CS6 New Features
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This course explores the features that will get video producers and editors excited about Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Author Rich Harrington covers all the changes, ranging from the redesigned and customizable user interface, enhanced Mercury Playback Engine, and new footage logging in Prelude, to the new Audio Mixer, improved multi-camera editing, revised trimming behavior, and video adjustment layers.

Topics include:
  • Customizing the Timeline
  • Using hover scrub
  • Working with the dropped frames indicator
  • Ingesting and logging media with Adobe Prelude
  • Transforming a selection with multi-cam editing
  • Understanding how trimming has changed
  • Applying effects with video adjustment layers
  • Stabilizing footage with the Warp Stabilizer effect
  • Using the audio track and audio channel features
Premiere Pro


(whoosh) - Hi, my name's Rich Harrington and I'm an Adobe master trainer. Today I'm going to be sharing with you new workflows and techniques using Adobe Premiere Pro in CS6. We've got a lot of cool things to cover because this is a really big release with some new features and lots of improvements. Both big things and little things. Throughout today we're going to be taking a look at Adobe Premiere Pro on both a Mac and a PC. We're primarily going to work on the PC because I have a beefier video card, but we have a couple of great announcements about Premiere Pro 6 that effect the Mac platform only and we'll be looking at that as well.

Now, going forward we've got a lot of stuff to cover. We're going to start off by taking a look at the redesigned user interface. What you're going to see here is great options for customization and the ability to really tweak things to make it a more comfortable editing environment. We're also going to take a look at the Mercury engine. There's a whole bunch of improvements here, including the fact that the Mercury engine is now easier to run on a Mac. We'll then jump over to a new companion application called Adobe Prelude. Now, officially it is part of the Adobe Production Premium Creative Suite, or Master Collection.

However it has some real world benefits to Premiere Pro and we're going to be showing you how to use it to prep your assets and then bring them in with Ingest. After that we're going to explore multi-camera editing. There's some great new changes here with multi-camera including a much faster workflow for getting multi-camera set up, and the ability to move beyond some of our previous limitations with total number of angles. When this is done we'll explore all new options for trimming. Now, professional editors will always tell you the power is in the trim. And what we're looking at here is the ability to slightly refine our edit points.

This was a weakness in previous versions of Premiere Pro and what we're seeing now is great control to really get in there and refine that edit with perfect rhythm for that right pacing in your program. One of the great things is that we actually now have the addition of adjustment layers. Now this technology was previously only available on AfterEffects. It really gives us a flexible workflow for applying an effect to multiple clips of video at once. Plus, those improvements in the Mercury engine are going to total accelerate our effects workflow. We're going to talk about audio improvements as well.

We've got a better audio mixer with more control, better audio view meters to actually see what's happening in our program, and just refined overall control. One of the other things that's exciting is that the tracks have gotten a lot less confusing when it comes to working with different audio sources. We have a new adaptive, universal track format that just makes things easier to work with. And then finally we'll explore the raw video workflow. We've of course has support for Red before. The native support for 5K is now rolled in, built in, no extra installation.

Plus we have the exciting announcement of support for RE, Raw. So, we've got a lot of great things to explore. Thanks again for joining us and let's jump in.

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