Premiere Pro CS6 Effects Workshop

with Maxim Jago
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Premiere Pro CS6 Effects Workshop
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Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is primarily a cutter—that it, most of the time, it is used to combine video and audio clips, music, graphics, titles, and still images to produce finished sequences. However, it is also a powerful compositing and special effects application. In this course Maxim Jago introduces some of the deeper finishing techniques and technologies available in Premiere Pro CS6. Learn how to apply color correction, work with slow motion, stabilize shaky footage, apply blurs, and develop core skills for special effects work. You'll also learn about integration with Adobe After Effects, both as a simple workflow, and in combination with effects applied in Premiere Pro CS6.

Topics include:
  • Advanced keyframing
  • Essential effects
  • Adjusting color
  • Adding transitions
  • Working with time
  • Creative effects
  • Combined effect examples
  • Sharing work with After Effects
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- Hello, and welcome to this Premiere Pro CS6 Visual Effects course. I'm Maxim Jago. I'm a Premiere Pro master trainer, co-author of the Premiere Pro Classroom in a Book and an independent filmmaker. In this course, I'd like to help you get the most out of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 as a special effects and video finishing application. While the core functionality of Premiere Pro is in cutting together large amounts of clips, it also includes powerful visual effects features.

In a perfect world, you might choose to work with a team of CGI specialists under the guidance of a special effects supervisor. But if you're one of the countless editors who do everything from shooting the original content to cutting the assembly-edit, to grading, graphics and output, then you'll find this course is for you. We'll be looking at some more advanced uses of common controls, and then diving a little deeper into the advanced compositing and effects features you might only expect to see in a dedicated finishing application like AfterEffects.

The art of post-production is in the selection and careful combination of creative elements at your disposal, by the use of advanced tools. In this course, we'll develop your understanding of those tools, and give you new horizons for your creative work. Let's start with a simple overview.

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