Narrative Scene Editing with Premiere Pro

with Christine Steele
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Narrative Scene Editing with Premiere Pro
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Adobe Premiere Pro is a great tool for putting all the pieces of your short film together and allows you to reorder your ideas in real time. This course introduces the essential storytelling concepts and editing techniques you'll need to put it to good use. Author Christine Steele covers selecting shots, crafting scenes, and placing clips and cuts in a way that supports narrative flow. The course also introduces strategies for supporting character and story development using shot framing, flashbacks, cutaways, and effects to further enhance the pacing and drama of the piece.

Topics include:
  • Preparing your workflow
  • Adding and editing clip markers
  • Evaluating performances, shot framing, and supporting elements in takes
  • Adding reaction shots
  • Cutting on action
  • Building montages
  • Compressing time with jump cuts
  • Working with audio
  • Supporting theme with color effects
  • Altering playback speed
Premiere Pro


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Christine Steele. Welcome to Narrative Scene Editing with Premiere Pro. In this course, I'll talk about techniques for constructing a compelling story at the scene level. I'll start by looking at organizing media so that I can easily preview and organize the footage and start selecting the best shots for the scenes. Next, I'll edit a dialog scene, exploring techniques for building an arc, as well as cutting on action and refining the dialogue for clarity. We'll see how to edit together a montage to craft a scene that shows an emotional turning point or passage of time without using dialogue.

We'll also build a flashback scene to merge together two different time frames. Finally, I'll explore several effects techniques to enhance the mood of a scene and support the overall theme. This course will show you some of the basic rules and then you can work on breaking those rules in interesting ways to create art. Now let's get started with Narrative Scene Editing with Premiere Pro.

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