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show more The Metalogging workspace provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Jason Osder as part of the Premiere Pro Guru: Organizing Assets show less
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The Metalogging workspace

One of the things I really like about working in Premier Pro are work spaces and the flexibility with which you can customize the interface. I want to specifically take a look at the Media logging work space. Which is especially useful for the type of organization work that we're doing. Let's take a look. I've just opened a new project here. There's no sample file, I just did brand new project. And, by default, I come up on what's called the editing work space. You can see all of your work spaces here under window work space.

And the one I'm most interested in is meta-logging. Before I switch, I just want to point out a couple things about the editing interface, so you notice the difference. Obviously, the editing work space features the time line, which is where we'll do our editing, and the program window, which is where we'll see our edits. We see the source, we see the audio meters, but notice right down here that the project pane is overlapped with the media browser. So, a lot of stuff is kind of clumped up down here.

And when we switch over, you'll see that a lot of what's down here will be expanded. And a lot of what's up here will temporarily disappear. So let's switch over work spaces, to Meta Logging. And now we see that similar things are available, but they're in different places, and different sizes. So now, the media browser, which we'll talk in detail about in just a moment has its own space. It's not behind anything. The project pane has gotten nice and big. Once we start getting some information in here, some logging information, we're going to be able to see it, like a big database.

Our timeline is nowhere to be seen, and that's fine. We're not editing. We are just logging and organizing. Our source monitor is very valuable, we'll see in a moment how that will let us look at clips not only in the project but in fact directly off the drive in the media browser. We'll see how to use our markers window, a dedicated window to browse through markers. Very valuable when you are organizing and logging and finally we'll spend some time in the metadata window. That's where you actually work with metadata.

An advanced way to help your organization. So, I really enjoy working in different work spaces. I find it incredibly helpful, and this one in particular, I find very valuable. We don't always use each work space the way it's defined. And we also customize a lot. But for me, this is one of the best pre-built workspaces. When I'm doing this type of work, I absolutely start by switching to the meta Logging workspace.

The Metalogging workspace
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The Metalogging workspace provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Jason Osder as part of the Premiere Pro Guru: Organizing Assets

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