Fixing Video Exposure Problems in Premiere Pro

with Richard Harrington
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Fixing Video Exposure Problems in Premiere Pro
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This course provides an explanation for the popular phrase "fix it in post" and explores various methods for fixing exposure problems in video footage. Author Rich Harrington demonstrates a wide range of editing tools in Adobe Premiere Pro, such as effects and blending modes—and for more complicated footage problems, reveals specialized tools in After Effects to remove noise and grain, extract and tone the background, and fix under- or overexposed footage.

Topics include:
  • Using the Waveform Monitor
  • Toggling effects on and off
  • Using color correction effects to fix exposure and tone
  • Controlling noise and grain
  • Adding keyframes
  • Sending projects to After Effects with Dynamic Link
  • Extracting backgrounds with the Roto Brush tool
  • Adding a vignette to footage
  • Working with raw video
  • Legalizing video for broadcast
Premiere Pro


- Hi, my name's Rich Harrington and welcome to this lesson on fixing video exposure problems with Adobe Premiere Pro. Today, we have a lot of things to tackle. We're gonna explore common real world problems that you're gonna have with footage and take a look at how to fix them using a wide range of tools inside Premiere Pro. We use effects, blending modes, and even jump over to After Effects for some special problems. So with all that in mind, let's jump in and get started.

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