How to Create a Logo Bug in Premiere Pro CS5

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Creating a logo bug

These days it seems like most of the video clips you see have some kind of branding or station ID on them often called a Logo Bug. Usually when you're watching TV, it's in the lower right-hand corner. There is the TV identification that's always there now. Well, because of that and because that's so popular, often times even video podcasts and even viral videos on Internet often times have these little logo bugs that you know where they came from. So what we're going to do is talk about how to make a regular logo bug. By default, our logo here is far too colorful and it's very distracting from what else is going on now.

If we were to play this back, this logo here just seems to get in the way far too much. So the first thing that's distracting here are the colors, far too vibrant. So I'm going to go to the Effects panel and get the Tint effect. Do a search for Tint and then drag-and-drop the Tint effect here. That allows you to tint footage, but by default it turns it black-and-white, and that's good enough for right now so that's looking awesome. Let's just go to the Opacity of this clip here. I'm going to open up Opacity. Let's take the Opacity, click in there and type-in 50%. So it's 50% opaque there.

I might decide to take that down a little bit more, but that's looking okay for my liking at least for the time being. Now, what I want to do is make this embossed like a 3D embossed thing. That's really common trick for logo bugs. So I'm going to select this clip and copy it and again un-target the Video 2 track, target the Video 3 track, and hit Command+V or Ctrl+V to paste this clip. Now, for the copy on top, click that clip, and then we're going to do a search for emboss. So in the Stylize category there is Color Emboss and just regular old Emboss.

So go ahead and just grab regular old Emboss and drag-and-drop that onto the top clip there. What Emboss seeks to do if we open it up and look at its properties here is create kind of like a 3D look and feel. So what I'm going to do is take the Zoom here from Fit to 100% so that way we could really see this logo and the emboss that's happening here. We could change the Direction of the lighting, which we're really not concerned about. We could change the Relief to make this a little bit more intense like that. We could also increase the Contrast if we wanted to, but I'm thinking that keeping a mild contrast level, taking the Relief down just a bit will create this nice three-dimensional look here.

It's still a little bit strong, so I might take this back and lower the Opacity even more here, and that's looking pretty good there. I am just taking the Opacity out and having the layer on top show through. What we could also do is change the blend mode and that's right below here. I can take this drop- down from Normal to Overlay. Now, we'll talk about blend modes a little bit more later on in this Training Series, but for now just realize that it help blend these colors into the background. So now as we change this from 100% to fit, we have a logo bug that does not bug quite so much.

If you want to tilt this down even further which actually might be the case, you can click on the top clip. That maybe take down the Opacity of that top clip a little bit more, and maybe even change the blend mode of that clip. But for now I think that's a pretty good logo bug. I should point out that most of the time when you actually see logo bugs on TV stations that's done at the TV level. That's not something that like the editor would add. But if you're going to be working on some kind of commercial or promo or an infomercial or something that would go out virally on the internet, then you might want to create your own bug and that's how to do it.

Creating a logo bug
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Creating a logo bug provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Chad Perkins as part of the Premiere Pro CS5 Essential Training

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