Compositing with Premiere Pro CS5.5

with Maxim Jago
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Compositing with Premiere Pro CS5.5
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Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 is primarily a nonlinear editing system designed for fast cutting of multiple media types, but it is also an advanced special effects and compositing tool. In this course, master editor Maxim Jago describes the tools and options available to create complex compositions using just Premiere Pro, without involving After Effects or Photoshop. Learn how to adjust opacity, use garbage mattes and track mattes, and create nested sequences, as well as how to work with chroma keys, luma keys, and the Ultra Keyer. Maxim shares all the techniques necessary to layer multiple media elements and produce advanced sequences as compositions.

Topics include:
  • Introducing Premiere Pro: the compositing program
  • Understanding transparency and alpha channels
  • Adjusting opacity
  • Working with garbage mattes
  • Luma keys and chroma keys
  • The Ultra Keyer
  • Nesting sequences
  • Understanding and using blend modes
  • Creating track mattes
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- Hi there. My name is Maxim Jago. I'm a filmmaker, writer, and a Adobe master trainer. I've worked for a long time with Premiere Pro, developing my skills over a period of years to find a deeper level of familiarity. With this course, I'm hoping to shortcut much of that time for you, so you can dive into working with complex multi-led sequences with confidence. Editors might well choose to use After Effects for compositing. There's no doubt After Effects is perfect for the job.

For me though, editing is about efficiency. Why bother even using Dynamic Link when you can achieve everything you need to with Premier Pro? As a colleague mentioned recently, if you can reduce your workflow from just two clicks to one, it's actually 50% more efficient. In this course, we'll be covering some core skills and understandings, including opacity adjustments, blend modes, and working with alpha channels. Beyond that, we'll be learning about luma keys, chroma keys, Premiere Pro's standard effect tools, and the powerful ultra key.

We'll also work with nested sequences, and build compositions using track mattes. These are advanced skills, but as with so many aspects of post-production, once you know what the buttons do, it all begins to make simple sense. Understanding compositing can make a huge difference to the quality of your finished work. I hope this course will help you transform your creative output.

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